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Our mission is to help free business owners from being slaves to their business and to give them the strategies and tools they need to grow their “Tree of More Life.`` We do this so that business owners can live the life of their dreams and change their world for the better.

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About Us

We take our clients from darkness to light

Metamorphicx is a business development and strategic marketing firm helping business owners build a better foundation for their business so that they can have the life of their dreams.

We understand that to get what you want out of your business you need to start with a solid foundation. Our perspective is that your business is your primary product and it is here to serve you and to give you more life.

At Metamorphix, we care about you, your clients, and your world. We have taken what we have learned from our various business successes and failures and combined that with some of the best business development and marketing methods in the world.

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Our Founder: Mark Wesley

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President, Business Coach and Chief Marketing Strategist

Wesley is responsible for developing systems and processes that help create value for our clients. As the consummate entrepreneur, Wesley has started five service and product companies. For more than 20 years Wesley has produced programs for large and small businesses alike.

Wesley is not a travel agent who gives you a brochure. He is a tour guide who has been through the same frustrations and obstacles of owning a business that you have.

Wesley has a B.A. from the University of Georgia Southern in Marketing. Wesley started his career in the United States Military and worked in the Sales and Marketing department at Kraft General Foods—Oscar Mayer Division.

Wesley also serves on the Board of Directors for the Independent Book Publishers Association.

25+ years of experience

3 successful businesses

2 failed businesses

Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

Certified EMyth Business Coach

Certified Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing Expert

Certified by National Institute of Health–Protecting Research Participants 

ASI Member

International Book Publishers Association Board Member

A Trusted and Certified Business Development and Marketing Company

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