Your Business Is The Product

Your business is not just one thing; it is many things put together and working together like a good seed planted in good soil producing good fruit.

Let us help you plant a seed in an environment that will grow your business and change your life.

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Everything Is Connected

Your business is an organism of interacting parts. The Business Ecosystem is the idea that each part of your business affects and is affected by the others and it includes seven interacting parts—Leadership, Brand, Finance, Management, Marketing, Sales, and Delivery. You cannot approach any part of your business without approaching everything. All of the parts work together.

It is our goal to help you create the best individual part in each area of your business so that they function as one great business. At Metamorphicx, we help you to create this business that will give you more life, by using the EMyth methodology.

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What Is the EMyth?

Definition of EMyth

a: The Entrepreneurial Myth

The myth that most people who start businesses are entrepreneurs. In fact, most businesses are started by “technicians” who know nothing about running a business. Consequently, most will fail.

b: The Fatal Assumption

Just because you know how to do the technical work of the business, means that you know how to build a business that does that technical work.


The foundation of EMyth coaching comes from the work of Michael Gerber, the author of The E-Myth Revisited. His book is one of the five top-selling business books of all time. It has been voted the number one business book by Inc. 500 CEOs

As seen in The New York Times, Inc, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes

The E-Myth Revisited is taught in 118 universities, is published in 29 languages, and has been at the top of the best-seller lists of The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, INC, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Success Magazine, and on and on.

“Maybe more than any other book, E-Myth had a tremendous impact on how OtterBox developed and grew. It shed light on the reason my previous entrepreneurial ventures, and there were many, didn’t experience success beyond a certain point. It really came down to me, which was great because that was something I could change.”

– Curt Richardson, OtterBox

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How does EMyth Methodology Work?

The EMyth methodology helps small business owners create a business that is scalable, able to be duplicated, and easy to manage. A business that consistently delivers excellent results again and again.

Our process focuses on helping entrepreneurs build their business as “The Product.” We help them create systems and processes that will give them more clarity, more direction and turn their business into a life-giving machine.

The EMyth process has been working for over 35 years and has been continually updated and improved over the years. It is a fact that EMyth is the leader and developer of the business coaching industry. Throughout the years EMyth has helped over 75,000 clients in 120 countries.

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EMyth Certified Coach

EMyth coaching helps you to bring out the leader that is already within you. We don’t give you the answers but we help you discover and identify the underlying problems you have. We will take a deep dive into not just the symptoms of your frustrations but the root of your frustration. We will help you find out where you are, where you want to be, and how you can close that gap. Some of this will be uncomfortable, but to get where you want to go, we must get real. We cannot give you your truth but we can help guide you to your truth.

We will help you to understand and systemize every area of your business. This includes frameworks to optimize your Leadership, Management, Marketing, Brand, Finance, Delivery, and Sales,

Working with an EMyth Coach offers you a clear plan to foster and develop the essential business development skills that every business owner needs to succeed and details how to nurture your business in a predictable and productive way while drawing the vital distinction between working on your business and working in your business. When you work with a coach you take more action, stay more focused, and get results faster. There is no disputing it.

When you work with a coach you will get clarity, take more action, stay focused, and get results faster.

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The EMyth library of business development solutions includes over 50 courses to help you on your journey to making your business “The Product.” In The EMyth Roadmap will give you a snapshot of the results you will get from each course.

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We help you cover every part of your business in a systemized and complete way. We have a library of time-tested solutions that will help you build consistency and predictability into your business.


Let Your coach give you a look into how the EMyth Perspective can help change your life.

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“If you’ve ever despaired that your vision will crumble, give yourself the gift of seeing how you can do it, enjoy it, and leave something for others to build on. EMyth demystifies great companies and great experiences.”

Shawn Lock, Adept Learner, Inc.

EMyth Changed My Life