Your Client Acquisition System

Step-By-Step Guidance, Support, and Action Plans, So That You Can Grow Your Business. We Will Help You Build the Strategy and Provide You With Tools to Get Your Business Discovered and Your Products and Services Sold.

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Marketing Struggle

Why Business Owners Have A Hard Time With Marketing

  • They do not know what to do. Lack of knowledge as to what are the best ways to do marketing for their business.
  • They have taken in too much information. With so many resources out there for businesses, the vast amounts of advice and information can be overwhelming. They have a lot of information but not enough action.
  • They have lost track of their vision. Through the day-to-day running of their business, most entrepreneurs lose sight of their vision. Losing sight of their vision causes them to struggle and feel lost.
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End Your Marketing Struggle

The Complete Marketing Solution

Business owners have been swamped with so many new systems and changes in the marketing world that it’s no surprise that it all seems so incredibly messy and mucky. The truth is that marketing is not that hard to understand at all.

By Installing this marketing system you will:

  • Approach your marketing with logic and practicality
  • Be very clear about how to identify your perfect customer and where they are.
  • Know the secret to content that compels eager buyers to pay you
  • Build a complete online presence that attracts your ideal client to your brand
  • Turn social media followers into customers across all platforms
  • Build an army of referrals that act as your sales team, for free!
  • Dramatically increase your conversion from lead to customer
  • Know where your dollars are best spent and invested, and where they are wasted
  • Quickly observe and re-orient after every move with feedback loops that keep you on top

In other terms, you need to install this proven marketing system. This isn’t just knowledge or a collection of ideas; it is a proven and tested system that you can start installing today.

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Systems And Coaching Program – There’s a Framework for That

9 modules and 90+ bite-sized lessons to help you to build a marketing system that will grow and expand.

Module 1—Strategy and Brand Foundation

Module 2—The Marketing Hourglass

Module 3—Content Foundation

Module 4—Content Platform

Module 5—Online Presence

Module 6—Online Optimization

Module 7—Marketing Channels

Module 8—Keeping Score

Module 9—Ongoing Growth Planning

Powerful Task Flow Engine

From Learning to Action

This Task Flow Engine is the key to getting results. We’ve innovated and designed a software tool that keeps track of all the tasks you complete, ensures that you’re on target, helps you to automate and supervise many of your marketing systems, and produces monthly reports to track your progress.

  • Your Sales Process
  • Your Client Reconversion Process
  • Effective Sales Presentations

Reports and Status

SEO report card – including an SEO score, rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, website accessibility, trust metrics and current indexing

Keyword rankings – including competitive ranking for each keyword and target keyword analysis

Link analysis – including link analysis, unique domains for your website, top inbound links and anchor text analysis

Social Report card – including a social score, Facebook analysis, Twitter analysis, and LinkedIn analysis

Facebook summary – including a snapshot, total page likes, number of posts, engagement, demographics, reach and posts

Twitter summary – including a snapshot, total followers, total tweets, total engagement, and tweets

LinkedIn summary – including a snapshot, total followers, total posts, reach, and posts

Activity summary – including % complete, number of completed tasks, impact points, task history and task detail

Analytics summary – including traffic overview, channel overview, popular pages device overview, organic traffic analysis, and social media traffic analysis

  • Your Most Probable Customer
  • Customer Perceptions and Behaviors
  • Lead Generation Channels

Accountability Paring

When you are part of the program, you can choose to be matched with another user. Your perfect match will help keep you accountable to your goals.

Monthly Live Training Session

Stay Up to Date

You’ll have a monthly session where an expert will get into the nitty-gritty details of marketing trends and topics.

Peer Support

A Community of Support and Inspiration

This program gives you access to a private Facebook group where you’ll meet other business owners working on the same challenges as you.

Access To Our Private Toolbox

More Resources to Get the Job Done

Get access to our hand-picked list of marketing resources.

Ability To Request Coaching

A Trusted Guide

Inside the course, you can opt to get connected with a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant from Metamorphicx. They will be your one-on-one dedicated guide. They will work with you and push you to achieve more.

Marketing Training Packages

Marketing Training

$399 / month

Enrollment in Marketing System Training Program
Video Lessons
Checklists and Support Documents
Progress Reports
Integrated Task Engine
Access to monthly webinar series
Access to closed Facebook community

Marketing Training + Coaching

$499 / month

Enrollment in Marketing System Training Program
Video Lessons
Checklists and Support Documents
Progress Reports
Integrated Task Engine
Access to monthly webinar series
Access to closed Facebook community
Monthly One-on-One Coaching Call
Homework review
Email Support