Marketing Catalyst

Offering a step-up from the Jumpstart is our Marketing Catalyst Package. It’s going to be the starting line from which you’ll see new growth, capture new leads and convert new clients. The catalyst in question is an entirely new website created for the express purpose of meeting your marketing goals. What that means for you is an entirely new platform from which your clients will get to know you better, identify with your brand more often, and have a clear path to finding what how you can solve their problems.

From the website, we’ll begin to create the platform from which we’ll update your content, create landing pages to funnel new leads and engage your client base on social media platforms. It’s just not enough to have a good website. You need a clear and concise plan for getting your presence known and getting your customers to spend their money with you.

This Catalyst package includes the following:

  • Custom WordPress Website.
  • Creation of lead and capture pages to bring in new leads.
  • Commit to four blogs per month of rich SEO content.
  • Create a content calendar and action plan.
  • Build an influencer list for outreach andpubic relation opportunities.
  • Commit to 100 social media updates on Facebook,LinkedIn and Twitter each month.
  • Build a marketing kit full of tools you can employ. This is for both online and offline use to coordinate your efforts.
  • Email marketing and follow-up plans.
  • Distribute one press release per month to news networks.

That’s just the beginning of what we offer. This includes two meetings per month and ongoing analysis of the data.

The Catalyst package is priced at $3,000 per month for all the initial and ongoing activities it encompasses.

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