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How much of an investment in marketing do you think it will take over the next 12 months to take your business to the next level?(this total includes advertising, PR, consulting, direct mail, etc)

Strategy Before Tactics

Strategy and tactics must go hand in hand inorder for a business to achieve a measure of true momentum, but an effectivestrategy must be in place before any set of tactics make sense. 

Describe your ideal customer as thoroughly as possible.
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Describe the core point of differentiation for your business vs. others in the same field.
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List at least 3 competitors and their strengths(include URLs and we will provide you with a competitive web analysis)
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Educational Content BuildsTrust

People today have come to expect to find information about anyproduct, service, company, individual, cause or challenge they face by simplyturning to the search engine of their choice.

So, if they’re not finding content thatyou’ve produced that provides them that information, even if someone referredthem directly to you, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t be worthy of theirtrust.

We use the following in our educational marketing and promotion…Check all that apply
We use the following to help build trust…Check all that apply

Web Presence

Marketing today means building a great dealof your thinking around a total web presence

Our web presence includes…Check all that apply

Lead Generation and Sales

Generally speaking there is no one magic wayto generate a ton of leads. Granted, for some businesses there are moreeffective ways, but on the whole long-term effective lead generation comes downto a combination of advertising, public relations and a systematic approach toreferrals—the lead generation trio as we like to call them.

Check all of the tactics you currently use to generate leads.Check all that apply
Describe your lead conversion (sales) process
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Keeping Score

Building business momentum usually comes down to understandingthese four variables and going to work on improving them 1) % of leadsconverted 2) Average $ amount per customer/transaction 3) Average number oftransactions with each customer 4) Cost to generate a customer

Check all that apply—We track…
Do you have and use a marketing plan?
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