EMyth Testimonials

I learned things about my business I never knew, and I found that I already knew things that I have not been using.

My coach is the one person I can bare my business soul to. No matter what the problem or situation is, my coach is on my side helping me come up with a solution that then becomes a system so the problem doesn’t come up again.

Systematizing my business will allow me to sell my business to anyone. They won’t need to be a contractor to run this business.

Rick Oakley


What can I say that’s not positive about EMyth? Since bringing EMyth to our last Dealer Conference, sales are up over 30 percent in the first quarter this year. Our dealers are interested in systems, and strategic planning.

The Dealers doing the EMyth coaching are absolutely committed to building scalable businesses and are learning how to grow with velocity. Working with EMyth has been a pleasure – they’ve customized programs to fit our needs as a growing franchise network, and have formed a lasting partnership with our company and dealer network.

We have been working with EMyth since the beginning of 2003 to help our network of franchisees grow our franchise into the market leader in bathroom remodeling. We started by bringing Michael Gerber to deliver a keynote presentation to our national dealer event, and by getting EMyth books and materials to all of our dealers.

We then partnered with EMyth to bring The EMyth coaching program to our network. In fact, we were so impressed with EMyth’s coaching program that we chose to engage EMyth as a strategic alliance partner rather than continue to build out our own business development program.

EMyth built a special affinity group coaching program for our dealers – these dealers work as a group with their EMyth business coach. They are learning how to work strategically as business owners, are building systems for doing business, and are sharing best practices with each other.

I would highly recommend any company seeking to grow and develop call EMyth. If you’re in charge of growing the results of your network, you will really help your own efforts by working with them.

John Hausner

Re-Bath, LLC

I would describe this course as an absolute must for anyone starting a business or anyone interested in changing their business from self-employment to an actual business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who expresses a wish to learn more about business without having to become a BBA or MBA. It’s great for anyone who just wants to have a better grip on the basics of good business practices.

Joanne Spruyt

D4 Construction

I have been on business for over 17 years. I started my company with just me and built up to 180 employees.

I have continually searched for ways to have everything work profits, my sanity, and customer satisfaction. I have done job coaching, seminars, and countless books.

After 16 years there were still major voids in my business that caused major stress for me and disappointment for my clients and employees. I felt at times I was working harder than ever yet going backwards.

I started the EMyth program about 8 months ago. I feel like I am finally on the exact course I have been trying to plot but never was able to set on my own. I feel like it is just a matter of time before all yes all of my major problems are solved. I have made long term, lasting changes that have specific results happen over and over again the same way each time, every time. Things are actually sticking, working and continuing to work. I am accomplishing with the help of the EMyth all that I have been dreaming about accomplishing but just could not make happen on my own (even with some of the best advisors and coaches). I have found nothing that even comes close to offering the overall approach that has your business succeed all the time every time. The cost will pay for itself many times over in stress reduction, profits, and the pleasure in seeing your business work beautifully, fluidly, just as you always wanted it to!

Kevin Sheridan

Rutgers Painting, Inc

The EMyth concept of business development has been the most useful tool in my business in the entire twenty years I’ve worked in my business. The whole concept of working on your business, not in it, has been a catalyst for changing how I do anything and everything in my business. It has given me an entirely different outlook on where my business and I are going to be in the coming years.

Dan Cox

AHS Plumbing / Plumber Dan Inc.

As an EMyth entrepreneur, I find myself increasingly prepared to face the challenges of managing a law firm (and myself) through a recession and dramatic industry changes. Like all business owners, I have big dreams for my business.

Distraction has always been an issue for me because I am full of ideas, enthusiasm and energy. Beginning with the writing of my primary purpose and strategic objective, I was able to bring my dreams into focus and make strides toward my goals in an orderly and step-by-step manner. I now know exactly what I need to attack each day, week, month and year, and I can work my new ideas into the Plan instead of letting the new ideas pull me off task.

Through EMyth I have taken the discipline of strategic planning into financial matters. As I build my yearly budget, I am simultaneously addressing the needs of my strategic plan. Included in my budget are earmarks for infrastructure improvements, the marketing plan, the community outreach plan, fixed expenses, a capital cushion for the unexpected, etc. The beauty of a thoughtful, strategic budget is that it enables me to say “no” and “not now” to all those wonderful ideas and opportunities that have merit but are proven distractors.

I now know in advance which charities and community organizations will benefit from my business in the coming year because they are in the Plan and the Budget. Saying “no” to additional requests is the right thing to do, and I am able to honestly tell the requestors that the answer is “no” because it is not in my budget. The same can be said for the numerous sales calls for marketing ideas and products. They simply are not in the budget, too. I receive the information for careful consideration, and the ideas/products can be worked into my strategic plan and budget in the future, if and only if they advance the firm in an orderly, affordable fashion. This skill alone has saved me enough money to pay for EMyth several times over.

Currently, I am working hard to separate myself from the business on a day-to day basis. Why? Two reasons. First, so I can fully devote my creative energy to my role as strategic leader of the firm, instead of having my energy siphoned off by daily tasks and responsibilities that are easily handled by others. Second, so the firm ultimately can exist in the future without me as a thriving institution where people have meaningful work and incomes. How? EMyth is teaching me to reduce business systems to writing and to build “employee positions;” thereby ensuring that everyone in the firm knows what their responsibilities are and how to discharge them. Could I accomplish this without EMyth? Frankly, no. EMyth gives me the structure to do what I know needs to be done but what I personally lack the discipline to do on my own.

In short, EMyth is teaching me valuable business skills and helping me manage my limitations. EMyth is accomplishing this while paying for itself. I have recommended and will continue to recommend EMyth to other business owners.

Gerling Law

“Everytime I talk to a business owner—or anybody really—we’re all looking for balance. And… it’s achievable.”

Jared Rennie
Founder and President, Noble Coffee

“If you’ve ever despaired that your vision will crumble, give yourself the gift of seeing how you can do it, enjoy it, and leave something for others to build on. EMyth demystifies great companies and great experiences.”

Shawn Lock, Adept Learner, Inc.