A Map For Business Success

Through the 21 foundational business development courses, you will have a map to start working on your business and turning your dream into a reality.

You can have a business that consistently grows, has strong profits, and practically runs itself.

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EMyth Foundations

The EMyth system helps you to focus on and understand the foundations of your business and create the roadmap to your success. Think of your business as the prototype of a franchise you are going to develop. To franchise a business, it needs to be completely transferable. It needs to have effective systems in place, a roadmap that anyone in your organization or anyone who wants to buy your business can adopt.

Don’t worry; we aren’t turning you into a franchise, but we do want you to think differently about your business. Your business is the product and this process will, ultimately, transform your business from chaos to a successful entity that is giving you more life.



Get a plan, free yourself, and get more life! Get started now! Learn more using these 7 dynamics and 21 core EMyth courses

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Take a step back from your business to determine your abilities as a leader. Look at your values, your passion, and the purpose why you started the business. From here, we can move anywhere else, but it all starts and ends with Leadership and Accountability.

Leadership Courses

  • Values, Passion and Purpose
  • Your Vision
  • Key Strategic Indicators


Let’s take a look at the core feeling, that emotion that your business gives to your customers. Let’s shape your voice, your look and your feel so that everything feels consistent and in agreement with who you are.

Brand Courses

  • Your Brand Commitment
  • Positioning and Differentiating Your Business
  • Your Image and Sensory Package


Unless you have a sound financial intelligence, your business can flounder. This Dynamic teaches you to build better budgets, increase your financial knowledge, and create a good cash plan with the money you have.

Finance Courses

  • Financial Management that Supports Your Vision
  • Your Budget Plan
  • Your Cash Plan


Even if you have a staff of one, you require good management. You need the tools to create good organizations, develop excellent recruiting strategies, and build the people you have.

Management courses

  • Your Organizational Strategy
  • Brand Based Recruiting
  • Developing Great People


How does your business deliver? What is the experience like? We will walk you through the systems of delivering your product in a better way.

Delivery Courses

  • Your Product Strategy and Design
  • Quality Management
  • Exceeding Your Customer’s Expectations


Get to know the real keys to better sales processes. Build strong loyalties with your clients so that they keep coming back again and again.

Sales Courses

  • Your Sales Process
  • Your Client Reconversion Process
  • Effective Sales Presentations


Find out who your audience is, where they are, and what message you need to send to them. This Dynamic helps you understand how to communicate just how indispensable your business is.

Marketing Courses

  • Your Most Probable Customer
  • Customer Perceptions and Behaviors
  • Lead Generation Channels